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Eureka Summer Camp offers an enriching Summer experience filled with a variety of engaging activities.  Our programs promote physical and mental well-being and provide students with opportunities to explore and make discoveries about the world around them. 

Academic Enrichment

Reading and Grammar Skills

Reading activities will focus on letter knowledge, phonic awareness, decoding, fluency and comprehension. Grammar skills will focus on mastering the fundamentals of parts of speech and sentence organization. 

Math Skills

Math time will be devoted to promoting a strong sense of numeracy, procedural fluency and abstract thinking. Math drills, games, manipulatives, and word problems will be key tools used in reinforcing essential math skills. 

Writing Skills

During Writing class, students will focus on a structure and style approach to develop strong writing skills. They will also focus on punctuation and mechanics by completing daily editing assignments. Although students will be separated by grade levels, all students will acquire a foundational understanding of the writing process. 

STEAM, Language, and Civics
STEAM Lessons and Projects

Eureka kids will have a blast while letting their creative juices flow as they study science and more. STEAM education is an approach to learning that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, and Mathematics for guiding student discovery, discussion, and critical thinking. Each STEAM class includes an engaging lesson designed to help kids learn about the world around them. Classes also include a STEAM activity such as building a bridge, creating an invention prototype, designing and racing balloon cars and of course making slime.

Classical Drawing

This is not your typical arts and crafts class. Our Art instructor is a professional and award-winning artist who has taught at the Cultural Art Center for several years. Students will learn fundamental to advanced drawing techniques of themed subjects that are dear to them. These classes will bring out attention to detail, develop fine motor skills, and enhance analytical skills. Each student will produce realistic frameable works of art. 

Public Speaking 

This class is designed to help children gain confidence and articulate ideas clearly and effectively. Campers will participate in interactive activities that teach them how to overcome nervousness, use body language effectively, and engage an audience. They will also learn how to organize their thoughts and present them in a logical and coherent way. Each week, campers will practice these skills by presenting on topics that they are interested in. 

Film Camp 

Each week of film camp will teach kids how to make a movie from start to finish. No experience necessary! Kids will learn how to write their own scripts, create storyboards, record video and use editing software. The experience will culminate in a short movie that will be screened at our end of camp celebration. 

Civics: Election EdVenture! (NEW THIS SUMMER!)

Through interactive games, engaging activities, and age-appropriate discussions, children will discover the importance of civic participation, understand the voting process, and gain a sense of empowerment as future voters. From creating their own mock elections to exploring the roles of elected officials, Election EdVenture is designed to make civics come alive for kids in a fun and educational way.


Finch robots are coming to Eureka this Summer. Our classroom set of 15 serves 30 students at a time. These robots bring computer science to life by engaging students with a hands-on representation of their code. Students will engage in fun robotics competitions as they apply critical thinking and problem solving skills. 

3D Digital Modeling (NEW THIS SUMMER)

Students can elect to participate in this optional course to learn 3D modeling and design. This is a beginners level course designed to introduce kids to the power of Tinkercad, a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software tool set used for creating 3D-printed models.

Personal Development
Yoga and fitness

Our morning time will be dedicated to caring for our bodies and preparing mentally for an excellent day. Every Tuesday and Thursday our trained yoga instructor will lead small group yoga classes for the kids.  Research shows that movement and breath help to alleviate stress and anxiety. We believe that this focus on movement not only build strength and coordination but also provides tools for emotional control.

Inspirational Journaling

Journaling is a great way to practice writing skills, but more importantly, it can boost self-esteem and foster an overall positive mental attitude. A couple of mornings per week, students will write positive thoughts to themselves based on provided prompts. 

Leadership and Character Development

The Pack Youth character development program will join campers twice a week to equip students with good character tools and practical life skills to face everyday life. These are skills that can apply within their family, academic experience, and peer relationships. 

Field Trips & Guest Visitors

This Summer, campers will be exploring the Yellow River Wildlife Sanctuary, Tellus Science Museum, Puppetry Center for the Arts and the Illusion Museum. In addition, we will have "in-house" field trips where specialist will come and share with our students, such as The Reptile Guy, Science Kids, The Bee Keepers Association, and more. 


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