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With data showing that the pandemic has caused students to struggle with social isolation, mental health and learning loss, Eureka Summer Camp was developed with the intent of focusing on improving the whole child’s academic and emotional wellbeing.

As parents and long-time educators, we have seen firsthand the academic and emotional impact that the pandemic caused. After reflecting on the aftermath of the pandemic, we decided that we wanted to use our knowledge, experience, and passion for student success to combat these issues. We designed an intervention program that integrates key math, writing, and literacy skills (for grades 1st - 8th) into a summer camp program. Through engaging experiences and activities our focus is strengthening these skills to promote academic success for the upcoming school year.  

What Matters to Us


We want your children to feel physically and emotionally safe and we are intentional about creating this environment. A few things we do to encourage physical safety is to ensure that children are always escorted to different locations and never left alone. We also take several measures to reduce the spread of germs, such as providing each child with their own container for supplies, serving pre-packaged snacks, and washing hands throughout the day.  


Our goal is to provide you and your child with a FIVE STAR enrichment experience. We understand that selecting our camp is an investment that you are making and we want to ensure you receive a solid return on your investment. Registering your children in our program also means that you trust us to look after their well-being and we do not take that trust lightly. We will always make ourselves available to you if you have any questions and/or concerns. 


Early childhood experiences can strongly impact who we become. We believe that inspiring and motivating children, we can build the optimism needed for high achievement. In addition, we believe that good behavior can be promoted by working on executive functioning skills, such as self-control  and organization. We also prioritize the development of good habits like being prepared and proactive.  

Academic Achievement

We want your child to have an amazing time at Eureka!. However, we are committed to addressing their learning needs by strengthening key skills across different subject areas. Each class we offer has daily lessons, core concepts that are discussed with each skill, and a progressive approach. 



CORIE WILSON, Founder and Program Director 

Corie Wilson holds a B.A. in Psychology from Georgia State University and M.A. in Professional Counseling from Liberty University with a focus on cognitive learning. As a certified educator, she has taught in charter schools, public schools and homeschool organizations. As an educational consultant, she has directed elementary, middle and high school programs and is the CEO of Paratus College and Career Planning. With over 15 years of experience in education, her instructional repertoire includes a variety of academic subjects as well as personal development skills. She is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in teacher leadership at Kennesaw University.


TRECE GARRISON, Program Director

Trece Garrison is an early childhood educator with vast experience in private school and homeschool arenas. She brings over 17 years of experience in education. Most recently she has home schooled and taught other children through an international homeschool program and now teaches for a private academy. Having served as a director, coordinator and administrator for several organizations, Mrs. Garrison has an in depth background in education. She is currently pursuing her elementary childhood education degree at University of Phoenix. 

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